First-hand Comments from a Few Customers

Jennifer Smith recommends TK Roofing

“Tom has helped me out a couple of times with my roof…Very good. And Affordable.. He gets with you in a timely manner.”

Susan Rosenquist very satisfied with TK Roofing

“I found Tom on Angie’s List and contacted him and he was quick to respond. My home roof was flat and had been re-roofed only 2 years ago with the wrong material, so I asked him if he could suggest the correct material. He assured me that his company had done many commercial flat roofs and used the appropriate material, a TPO rubber membrane. No only did he propose to use the correct roofing material, his bid was WAY lower that any one else is contacted. His installers came and did a superb job in just two days. The result is a roof that will last for many years without needing to be replaced. THANKS, TK Roofing!”

Dave Herriman recommends TK Roofing

“I was surprised how quickly they responded, having a guy come out that afternoon! He got up on the back part of the roof where the skylight leak turned out to be, and patched about 4 places. NO MORE DRIPS!”

Terry Putthoff likes TK Roofing

“Experience, local, and timely! Professional work! We are very satisfied!”

Art Horn recommends TK Roofing

“Reliable and offers good value.”

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